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I Believe Yoga Retreat

5,6,7 March 2021


I Believe Yoga Retreat with Carol

Hosted at Misty Hills Country Hotel Muldersdrift


Yoga is the journey through yourself to yourself”

As Rumi has wisely stated, we take the journey of yoga to discover more of who we are. If you are prepared for this discovery with your physical and emotional body, the transformation will be easier. Our conscious mind controls our thoughts, and from thoughts, we form feelings. This means by controlling our own mind we can manage and guide our feelings. Taking time to develop control over our minds through preparation is the first step in being open to new discoveries waiting for you on your yoga retreat.


Why go on a yoga retreat

A reason to go on a yoga retreat is to give yourself an opportunity to truly relax. Planning a vacation can be hard work, and sometimes it's difficult to disconnect and really restore your energy reserves. On a yoga retreat, you can really escape and have nothing to do but concentrate on the retreat.

  • Deepen your yoga knowledge

  • Gain perspective

  • Connect with like-minded people

  • Fine tune your yoga practice


What to expect on a yoga retreat?


A ideally involves travelling to a place that is surrounded by natural beauty. Relax your body, mind, and soul by taking the practice of and meditation into nature. Connect closely with nature and feel an intimate sense of rejuvenation, health, and happiness.


Ready, Set, Go! How to Prepare for a Yoga Retreat


  1. The Power of Intentions. We often underestimate the power of our mind.

  2. Set Reasonable Goals. Examine your intentions for participating in a yoga retreat, and then draw reasonable goals from those intentions.

  3. Bring on the practice . If you have a weekly or daily practice – keep that. If not, it might be good to start bringing yoga into your weekly routines.

  4. Leave in PeaceTo be able to fully relax and focus on your yoga retreat, you need to leave in peace. Make arrangements to get fully away from work, leave your desk clean, and delegate duties in the office so you can be 100% unplugged. Leave an “Out of Office” note, and transfer all calls. You need this time completely away if you want to see change take place in your life. Leave your home in harmony, as well. Clean up around the house and make sure it’s in a condition you will enjoy coming back to.

  5. Pack Lightly. As you are working on your aparigraha–your non-attachment–be mindful about what you pack. Less is more. Layer as much as you can, choose natural fibers, and bring just enough yoga clothing for your time. Long pants might be a good choice as they protect from mosquitos. Choose light yoga clothing that breathes, and dries quickly. Be mindful in your packing, taking the time to think about what you will need, and ruling out what will be unnecessary.

  • Yoga mat

  • bug repellent

  • journal

  • costume

  • towel

  • Comfortable shoes

  • snacks

  • water


R4450 per person

R2950 per person sharing - only 2 per room


Costs include

3 x meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Each meal you can have a soft drink or tea or coffee

Midmorning tea and snacks

Afternoon tea and snacks.

Goodie bag and gift


Payment made to



REF = YR Name


Once payment has been made you will receive a welcome letter and more information regarding the yoga retreat

Please note the deposit is non refundable.





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